You could believe more today

June 8, 2024

You could believe more today. There is a divine order in your life and the universe. The message we provided last year will give you more of your self-belief today. That is the only thing you lack and continually seek.

June 8, 2023

Nothing is too good to be true. That belief has held you back in your life and also your planet. It is the reason you are having a restructuring. You have something within you awaiting to emerge in your life so that you might offer your essence to yourself and your world.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 as we wanted you to consider it now as your world takes another turn in its ascension, which means you are doing the same, for you are not separate from your world or all that is. The only difficulty you have is accepting your importance in this process, and much of that has to do with your doubt that good can come to you and your world.

The word good can have many interpretations, but the one we mean is where you feel good, own who you are, and acknowledge your worth and value, for then you are emitting the energies of light, love, and change. But you are the one who must change.

June 8, 2012

One of the most limiting beliefs that you can hold is the one that tells you certain things are “too good to be true.” This particular adage has been unknowingly implanted into your thinking and therefore causes an effect on your physical life experience that can only yield limitations in some manner.

You will literally halt your expansion in some direction when something comes to you that causes that belief to operate. You would do much better to attempt to reverse that belief and accept that anything that is good is true. In fact, that is indeed the reality of your experience.


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