Today will make more sense

June 4, 2024

Today will make more sense. It will happen when you read our message a year ago on this date and examine your life and world. You are here to manifest brilliance, but you do so a bit at a time. We have never left you.

Whatever you may be experiencing in your life or world is for the greatest good of all, especially you.

June 4, 2023

You are expanding and ascending continuously. That means you are doing that, as is your planet and everyone who exists in physical form at this time of transition.

The next and most helpful part of your journey will be understood as you study our message on this date in 2012.

When you resist change within yourself, there is no possibility for you or your world to become more or better, which is a term you will interpret in your way. 

June 4, 2012

Flexibility is admirable and also indicates your willingness to trust the integrity of your physical life experience. Conversely, inflexibility is a sign that you believe you already know it all and are unwilling to expand or accept new information and wisdom.

Your goal is always to gain new experiences, for they bring you more awareness. You are always making choices as to whether or not it is more critical for you to be right in your own thinking or, more important, to evolve continually.

Conflicts with others are born in inflexibility, while cooperation brings momentum or forward progression, meaning expansion.


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