Abundance is always a choice

June 3, 2024

Abundance is always a choice. That statement is not an opinion but a fact of human existence. Abundance comes in various forms, but any of them would cause you to feel whole and complete, and it only requires your willingness to become your authentic self.

None of this is to be taken as a judgment but more of a wake-up call, which we provided two years ago on this date. You will hear us and yourself more today. There is a new energetic portal you can utilize today.

June 3, 2022

Abundance is also a choice. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of your world, including you. Everything we provided in our work was to help guide you through this period, but we also had to work with your levels of disbelief. 

Roger has known he was meant to be a teacher and demonstrate more of the power and abilities you each have to manifest anything. Still, he also had to move through his evolutionary limitations and restrictions as you are doing. 

When he examined our work and his life experience, his worth and value became evident, as did the fact that he had not owned his worth. This is also the work you do in our program. But he, like you, does not notice this unless he actively looks. 

Then he made the change we advised and found himself in a meeting yesterday where more of what is possible for each of you was revealed. If you choose to utilize that ability, you will manifest what you can envision in your mind, which is your source of creation. 

Then, to demonstrate more of his value so he could project it to more of you, we told him to find the message we had provided on this date in 2013. When he places it here, you will know what is possible since you intend to create a different life. 

June 3, 2013

The help you seek to expand is always available and always exists. Often, that help is held in what you can think of as the unexpected realm. That realm can be thought of as your bank or warehouse.

One difficulty for you is that you have sometimes equated the unexpected with the unknown you began to fear.


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