Your gifts are more apparent now

June 5, 2024

Your gifts are more apparent now. You each are born with innate abilities and talents that begin to become known to you as you move through your physical life experience.

There are also times, due to the evolution of your world, when the gifts you came to bring are ready for your recognition. It merely requires your acceptance and willingness to believe in yourself.

The message we provided in 2012 and a live conversation last year will cause you to recognize more of your value today.

June 5, 2012

One of the surest ways to accelerate and insure your continued expansion is to take one of your desires that you have labeled impossible and make it possible. Many times you are not aware that you have given it that particular label, however when you discover it, grab hold of it and turn it into possible, you have expanded.

While all things are indeed possible, you would do well to select one of your desires where you are assured it is possible because you have seen it done or have done portions of it yourself. In this manner, your resolve will be enhanced, and your success inevitable.


Here’s the recording.

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