Decide to choose your priorities

April 13, 2022

The date of the message we are providing below is not accidental, and neither are you. As you examine your life and world now, it will be challenging for you not to believe that something else was occurring in your life to bring you here now and discover peace and understanding.

We will continue to provide more. You will be fine.
April 13, 2012

You would do well to choose your priorities by what you believe will lead to your most significant expansion, what you enjoy the most, and what you think will make the most significant contribution to all others. 

As it is being used here, priorities refer to what you choose to do, be, have, or create. Anything is within the realm of possibility, but that does not necessarily mean that all are worth your time and effort based on the result you desire.

This process will allow you to gain clarity about your current life path and enable you to move from any momentary place of procrastination. This is how you chart the adventure you have always intended to experience.


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