Why not you?

April 14, 2022

Why not you? That is the question we would like you each to ask yourselves about your lives and what you want to achieve. You are in the world now to experience a restructuring of your world. And for many of you like Roger, it is a restructuring of yourself.

We will use him today as an example, and many of you will find yourselves. Roger had his class yesterday describing how fear and doubt can help you, as he knows all too well. During the presentation, several participants commented on Roger’s work and the value he brings. Yet, he could not accept that, which is why he continually struggles with tuition he should charge, for he knows the value our work has brought him. 

Many of you have patterns that have controlled your life, and Roger’s pattern has always been giving away more to others than to himself. As you might have, he has done this because he has ingrained beliefs of inferiority that he intended to move through in this lifetime. We continually ask him why he couldn’t be the one to make a difference in the world with his gift?

Roger’s brother then sent him a video of someone doing the work as he does, but the only difference was the other person thought it was them, which is why they are succeeding and prospering. Roger also knows why he maintains this behavior, and he even explained how you each could change it in the workshop yesterday, but he still questioned if it could be him. 

We will leave you and him with this today, for now, as the best time for you to answer that question in your life is now, and it will also help heal your world, as Roger also knows all too well. You will be fine. 


Here’s the replay of the masterclass: https://series.rogerburnley.com/webinar/how-fear-and-doubt-can-help-you/replay

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