Self-judgment is the only problem

April 12, 2022

Self-judgment is the only problem. It is a problem in your life and your world. That is why you are alive during a restructuring of your world. You wanted to restructure yourself, and if you had done so, there would be no war in Ukraine. 

We want to stretch your imagination and belief as those two factors have been lacking in many of you, especially Roger. But fortunately, after years of attempting to get him to release his self-judgment, we have been more successful. We have said you are in the world now to aid your world in its restructuring, for it will aid your evolutionary journey of evolvement.

But you are only successful when you release your self-judgment. When we use the word judgment, we refer to the assessment you each will make about a thing as being good or bad. You cannot know that because you have limited awareness as long as you are in a physical body. 

We said we gave you everything in 2012. We had Roger notice how many messages we gave you about judgment, for we knew where you would be now. We will leave one of those messages, and you will remember from our live conversations that we said more would be revealed to you, and nothing you knew before would be the same. You will need to release your resistance, and that resistance is within you and not believing in your worth and value.  

You use self-judgment in one of two ways. You will judge yourself for not believing you have something to offer the world, or what you have isn’t enough, or some other thought of inadequacy. Or you will judge another in an attempt to make them wrong so that you might find more belief in yourself.

Whichever path you chose led to the collective war your world is experiencing, and it is the same one that has existed throughout the existence of humans, but you are here to shift the trajectory. Across the world, everyone is choosing to be either only for themselves or for the collective you.

We will tell you as we did when we said you never win. You seek oneness and unity within yourself so that it might manifest in your world, and you will not accomplish that goal if you judge yourself, for you are all one.  Please study the entirety of this message, for it will aid you over the next several weeks. You will be fine.

“Your indecision about what you desire to do in your physical life experience usually stems from your unwillingness to chart your own course, own who you are, and state that to the world.

When you hold a clear vision of where you desire to go in your life and who you desire to be, indecision does not enter the picture. Of course, at the root of your unwillingness is some manner of fear. That very fear is of judgment, not being enough, or any other inadequacy that you may think you possess.

All of that is also untrue, and the process of expansion you desired to experience is about undoing those “untruths.”


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