Nothing about you was accidental

April 11, 2022

Nothing about you was accidental. Every soul is born with a purpose and the intention to contribute to the evolution of your world. You do so at the time of your choosing on your evolutionary journey. But you also incarnate into the world at a time that would be most beneficial for the evolvement of your world, and that time is now.  

This morning we took Roger on an adventure to help you. We had him hear a video that sparked a memory, and that action is occurring for many of you now due to the restructuring of your world and you. Roger has often told the story of his original communication with us in 1988, but it was before that time. That year, he chose to listen because he was in a stressful place in his life.  

When he began with automatic writing, it took several days before he “heard” us, but that was when he decided to hear us, which is the same for you. You each have guides, and as some refer to them, guardian angels, but the terminology never matters, for it is all pure consciousness. When we did come through, it frightened Roger at first, who asked, “who is speaking to me?” We then said, “We are a higher part of you, but if that makes you uncomfortable, you can call us whatever you like.” Roger exclaimed, “Wilhelm,” which again he thought was accidental, and we say it was not, just as none of you have had random experiences, but you come to understand them at the right time in your life. 

In all these years, Roger has never looked up the meaning of the name Wilhelm until today, and this is what he found; “resolute protector.” Then we said to find the message we gave you on resolve in “Your Life Operating Instructions” and place it here for you each will find meaning in your life now, and you might begin to accept that you are not and have never been accidental. You always come to accept yourself eventually. You will be fine. 

“Resolve is something you always possess, you never have to fight to get it, and you only ever need to allow it to come to you. Resolve is what you might think of as the fortitude and energy to accomplish, do, or be anything in your physical life experience. 
You will always underestimate your abilities while in physical form, as you will underestimate the amount of resolve you might have. You need to allow it to come to you because when you think you have to try and find it or manufacture it, you affirm and acknowledge that you do not have it, and then create that personal reality.”


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