Self-acceptance was your only goal

April 10, 2022

Self-acceptance was your only goal. You each are born with the ability and talent to manifest anything you desire. But the problem you encounter along your journey is a fundamental lack of self-acceptance.  

You each hold different levels of that self-acceptance depending on various factors, but they have to do with what you wanted to accomplish on your physical life journey, which we will now explain in greater detail.

In our program, “Your Life Operation Instructions,” we set the primary goal you would achieve to be total self-acceptance. The only challenge we faced was your and Roger’s belief. But now we have that, for he reached complete self-acceptance even though it took us a while, which is also a natural progression you each experience. 

Last night we had Roger listen to a video discussion of two other coaches in an association where he is a member. They discussed their disappointment with the many programs they have either created or participated in and did not receive whatever the promised results were. As Roger listened and the coaches discussed all the problems, he discovered ours did not encounter those, and all the participants received the desired results, which shocked even Roger.

None of you know what you possess until you become willing to find out.  Our program worked and why Roger could wake up and feel total self-acceptance because we began at the cause rather than the effects you experience in your lives. The cause is always in your thinking. You only change anything when you change your thinking, and that begins with the cause, and that is you. It also required time.  

Roger did not know this until he put the program together and could review what we gave you in 2012 that was challenging for him to accept as you each have difficulty accepting the gifts you were given at birth.  We will explain more, leading to our live conversation Saturday. But in the meantime, study what we gave you at the very beginning of our program.

Roger could not have known the truth of this until today. You will accept yourself at the time that is right for you. You will be fine. 

January 3, 2012

You are continually “working on” your very own self-acceptance. The term working on is being used so that you might gain the idea that it is something in which you put forth the effort. It does not always feel like fun, but in the end pays you great dividends. As you begin to look at this concept, you should also come to the realization that your judgment or thinking that you should “be there” already, or should have met this goal, is useless and absurd.

It should also give you the idea that you never get it done, and it was precisely your reason and the intention for having a physical life experience. 

You could do nothing better than continually looking in a mirror until you find self-acceptance. 


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