Another message from Wilhelm for today

The following message is one delivered in 2020 which was meant to provide us with understanding of the current changes in the world and why there is a war. More will be explained in the the live conversation.

September 2, 2020

A more perfect union. We love this message so much because you will see how inventive we have been in providing you with the previous messages during your “pandemic.” We told you that your world was experiencing a restructuring, and the United States would lead the way. We began with that declaration from your constitution to point out that nothing is accidental in your individual world, which is the world of all.

The union part is what each of you has missed. The bringing together or forming of that union must first occur within the individual, meaning you. We said you have come into this lifetime to accomplish certain things you have yet to achieve. We know that concept is strange to many, but you don’t have to go back that far. You can examine this life and find those grand ideas you held or those accomplishments you envisioned that you didn’t know whether or not you could achieve.

Here’s the good news. You can, and you gave yourself this lifetime to prove to yourself that you could achieve a more perfect union of you. Please take this next part of Roger’s story and apply it to yourself. Roger had a project he released, which he expected to perform better than it had by now. When he asked others what might be occurring, it referred him back to his behaviors, which were impatience, lack of self-belief, and not recognizing his value. We gave him something years ago, which he will use now, and so might you, the world, and the United States.

You can achieve whatever you desire with practice, patience, and persistence. Now you know why we have referred to the law of attraction and cause and effect. They are all the same, and the only trouble you have experienced in any of your lifetimes, but especially this one, is not utilizing those laws. Please understand that most humans don’t, which is why they resist change, just like you, so remember the patience part of this message. 


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