You are the solution

April 9, 2022

You are the solution. For the past several years, we have said you were moving through a restructuring, and now you are witnessing those events in your world. Our intention has always been to provide you with guidance and comfort as you navigate your life and world. 

When we began our live conversations, we kept urging Roger to bring more of you together, for we knew you might require more understanding with the acceptance of your role in this magnificent time on your planet. You wanted to be a part of this restructuring because you could offer the solution, and we said how you would accomplish that is by deciding to love yourself, believe more in the vision you held for your life, and pursue it will all your ambition.  

We said those things to you, and we know it is you, or you would not be reading our words. You have also falsely believed that things were occurring in your life accidentally, and that has never happened; it only depends on when you decide to accept the gift you were granted at your birth and bring it to the world now.  

We will do more today. We have often spoken of 2012, which Roger could never fully explain. We had him listen to an interview with Kryon, who we have mentioned. We advised Roger not to listen any longer, for he would have that tendency many of you have begun to project, and that is the belief in the imposter syndrome, which we have also said is just another excuse you created.  

We will have Roger leave a link to the recording and the solution we gave you in 2012. We said it was in our work that you all would use now to help guide you through this restructuring. None of you believed fully, including Roger.  We had him look for the answer, and we will place that here as well, and we will continue to give you more to accept before our live conversation next Saturday, for it will be pivotal for you and your planet. You will be fine.  

From Your Life Operating Instructions.
“Every situation that shows up in your physical life experience holds within it a win-win solution or outcome, and when you allow that information to come to you, your expansion is furthered, and you continue evolving. 

When you allow yourself to feel somehow defeated when these situations arise, you only become the victim of your own life and therefore halt any progression you may have sought. You can examine your own history to find concrete evidence of this process, and you would do well to hold that information in your conscious waking states. 

Win-win simply means that you and all others involved in your particular life situations gain something that causes expansion.

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