Your only challenge is doubt

April 8, 2022

Your only challenge is doubt. We will attempt to prove our point. Last night, we had Roger find the following message from “Your Life Operating Instructions” because he has held more doubt than most.  

We know many are concerned as you view your life and world, so we had Roger become more transparent and give you the information we have provided in a video as he no longer doubts. 

Now the message we gave him and you in 2012 will make more sense, and we would like you to pursue your crazy idea, for it will cause the restructuring of your life and world to be successful, and you all will be fine.  

Here is the message. “The crazy idea that you have is precisely the one that you desired.Every soul is unique and comes to the Earth plane to make a unique contribution in some manner, so that is true for you.

The reason that your idea or what you desire to create or contribute appears somewhat crazy to you, is because it has not been done by you or others.Many times you might prevent yourself from pursuing that idea precisely because you have judged it as being crazy.

The fact is that the pursuit of the idea itself is what you desired because it must cause your expansion in some way.

When you can let go of any expectations or what you might receive from this pursuit, then the adventure you sought in your life experience begins to unfold.”


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