We did not mince words. Stop doubting yourself

April 7, 2022

We did not mince words. Your belief in yourself has been lacking, and everything we have done has not been to arouse fear but to engender courage and strength. 

We will attempt again, and we hope more pay attention and honor and believe that your restructuring will be successful. Please note the date we provided you with this information.

July 12, 2020

You are in the process of being restructured. First of all, please note this message has been decades in the making for Roger and you. We are using the collective you in this message, and you may understand why we have recently used this phraseology. It is because you, the individual, and the collective evolve, which occurs through the destruction of the old you. 

Yesterday, Roger attended a family video call with many of his relatives he had not seen in decades. During the conversation, the current affairs of your world came up, and there were comments made in which Roger found himself unable to contain his feelings, and for him, his outburst was shocking. Roger is typically passive in his discussions of social issues and usually attempts to avoid controversy. Now you will understand why we had him use the Hitler reference yesterday. We always know what’s ahead, and we prepare him for those encounters, precisely as your guides have prepared you for everything in your life, and you always come to recognize that. 

The comment that brought up Roger’s reluctant voice was one that Roger felt might have been harmful to others. That is the criteria that typically informs Roger’s actions, but because he simultaneously does not wish to hurt another’s feelings, he remains silent; until yesterday.

In the middle of his outburst, Roger knew that possibly others did not have the information he did, so he decided to offer to teach. When you discover your reason for being alive, you will also find your passion, and it may come out forcibly and startle you as it did Roger.

We will not make this a book, but the restructuring you are experiencing is your understanding of your oneness and connectedness to all and using it to aid evolution. At times you need extreme conditions like a pandemic or extreme leaders like Hitler or a country like the United States who momentarily lost its way. 

The balance you all will experience is complete and total acceptance of you and all others. What we are speaking of is pure love, and these events always cause that to occur.


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