You will believe in yourself more

April 6, 2022

You will believe in yourself more. We gave you something in 2012 that we intended you to see today as you examine your life and world.

The most important aspect we would like you to notice when do glance at yourself and your world is how much you have changed and found more unity within yourself.  The other aspect you intended to include was yourself. The dream you had was meant to be fulfilled now because if you did so, you would accomplish your evolutionary goal and aid the healing of your world as you intended.

Please do your best to absorb the most profound meaning of this message, as it will cause you to glow even brighter, and that is what you and the world wanted. You will be fine.

“Conflict and unity always coexist in physical life experience and are necessary for expansion and evolvement. This is true in your personal experience and your world at large. You cannot know unity within yourself without having experienced the questions that conflict brings to your awareness.

You spend your entire physical life experience coming to know who you are, which can only occur with the contrast that conflict offers you. The end result then is always a period of unity.

When you have sufficiently answered those questions about who you are, you experience unity; and through unity, you generate more energy and awareness to expand and evolve.

This is true for you and your world.” 


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