Help the world to mend

Help the world to mend. Now you know why you are alive now and why you wanted to experience the restructuring of your world. We also said you chose this time because you wanted to restructure yourself.

Yesterday we had Roger record a video discussing religion and politics, which many have difficulty discussing. That difficulty has led to further division in your world and within you. We have always said that what occurs in your world occurs within you. 

We then had Roger “remember” a song he and a friend wrote thirty-five years ago that was needed now. We will have him share it, for it will demonstrate to each of you that you always know who you are meant to be in your life, but you might be remembering now. Developing the courage to live that life you dreamed of will require you to contribute to the world your gift. The current war is not accidental, and neither is your presence in the world now.

You help heal the world by loving yourself and all others and fulfilling what you came to the world to accomplish. And that will help heal not only your world but also you, for that is the reason you are alive, and you are the only one who can fulfill your role, and you will be fine. 


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