All struggle is self-imposed

April 3, 2022

All struggle is self-imposed. We have said you and your world are moving through a major restructuring, but you are here now to restructure yourself.  We said during our live conversations that you would have to resolve contradictions within yourself and the world at large, which is happening currently. But then there is you.  

When you come into the world, you are provided with everything you need to craft a happy and successful life, but you begin to make different choices somewhere along the way. You convince yourself that you were not the person granted those skills. Or you begin to doubt and fear what is within you or what might be emerging that you can’t quite explain, and that is where you allow doubt to creep in, and your progression is temporarily halted. 

We can give you this information, for it has been Roger’s life, but now, due to what he has gained, he can offer more to others as you are meant to do. We will leave you with an example for the biggest challenge you will have during this time will be your fear and doubt, which is why we planned the masterclass, but we will give you more continually until that time. 

Last night we told Roger to look for the message we gave you on this date in 2012, and you each will find your way with it. Then you will ponder how we knew, and we will say you always knew, and that is the contradiction you will resolve in your life as we are guiding Roger to resolve his and make changes as you might. You will be fine.  

April 3, 2012
Your higher self can be thought of as that part of you, of which most times you are unaware exists, that is calling you forth to become more. It will do so by offering you situations, circumstances, and events that will most times feel like questions you have yet to answer or goals you have yet to achieve. 

These things are not then arbitrarily thrust upon you by some outside source but orchestrated by a part of you that is always loving and desiring your expansion, no matter how it may appear to you.

You do always come to recognize it at some point. However, your journey would be much more pleasurable if you sought to recognize it now. 


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