Love yourself first

April 2, 2022

Love yourself first. That statement is the premise of all the work we have given you and Roger. It is the intention you set for yourself when you decide to have a physical life experience. You wanted to be alive during a restructuring of your world, for you knew it would allow you to reinvent yourself. It is also the only manner in which the restructuring of your world will be successful. 

Yesterday we held a live conversation with you, and we will have Roger leave the link to the replay and other events we asked him to plan that will aid you all over the next few weeks in your world. When Roger completed the session, he took a walk to listen, and as odd as it might be to you, that is when he could hear us. 

What struck him was the information coming through that he did not know he possessed. He questioned why he understood certain scientific principles he had never studied. Those accumulated experiences caused him to doubt himself, as you might have continually. 

None of you know the particular gift you bring to the world, but every soul does, and every person is valuable. That is another point we make with our work, and the more of you who understand that sentence will cause healing in your world. 

We asked Roger to find a message we gave you in 2012 because the more of you understand this message and begin to embody its meaning, the restructuring of your world will be successful. That is you and your world. You will be fine. 

August 26, 2012
Everything in your physical life experience is about you. It is vital for you to remember this fact, for you will begin to interpret all events, circumstances, and people that come into your life differently.

This advice is not to be taken as a selfish journey on your part. But as a path to expansion that benefits you and all others, and mass consciousness. This concept allows you to accept responsibility for your life and eliminate the blame and causation you may place on others.

When you feel not acknowledged by another, it is because you desire to acknowledge yourself. When you feel not loved by another, it is because you desire to love yourself. It is all about you.


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