Here is what we told you then

April 1, 2022

Here is what we told you then. We are giving you information to help you break more of your disbelief in who you are and what you might accomplish. You each have formed limited beliefs, so we continually refer to 2012. You had difficulty accepting your importance and significance in the world at this time in the history of your world, as did Roger.  We asked Roger to schedule this broadcast the night before our live conversation on Friday, for we have also used the message we gave you on April 1, 2012, which we will explain during our talk, and more of you will begin to accept more of your innate gifts. That is the reason you wanted to live through a restructuring. You will all be fine.  

April 2, 2012

When used together, the two words become and willing, held by you as a type of mantra as you move through your physical life experience, can have a transformative effect. Place them in front of anything you desire, and the meaning of this will become more evident. Become willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your desires and have them manifest in your personal reality. Become willing to think differently about what you are capable of and what is possible. Become
willing to say no to those things that you know are not leading you toward your true desires. When you become willing, you open yourself to all available resources, wisdom, and knowledge always there for you.

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