Your inherent power emerges with time

March 9, 2024

Your inherent power emerges with time. Every soul does this, and if you do it now, your life will expand exponentially, and so will your world.

The message we provided a year ago will be more powerful today. It is the perfect lead-up to our live conversation this Sunday.

March 9, 2023

You were born to change your world. We know many of you have difficulty accepting that you have that much influence, but you do. You are alive now during the restructuring of your world because if you were to accept your contribution given to you by God, your world would be far different than it is now, and you all would ascend.

We said it that way because each of you has placed judgment on yourselves and others as you attempt to navigate your way and find your purpose. But you also hide from who you are. Ten years ago, we provided a message on this date to aid you. 

March 9, 2013

You are only ever seeking your own acceptance. Very early on in your physical life experience, starting with your parents, you began to think that you were seeking their acceptance. You merely used them, as you do all others, as a reflection, so to speak, of your own privately held ideas and beliefs about yourself.

Whenever you experience embarrassment about some aspect of who you are, it is not due to what others think but about what you feel about yourself; it will indicate an aspect of you that you are still seeking to accept.

When you become more actualized or more whole in yourself, you accept yourself and every aspect of you entirely, and nothing anyone else thinks or might say about you will change that. This process is what you ultimately experience as true freedom. 

 – Wilhelm

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