You are closer to self-acceptance

March 8, 2024

You are closer to self-acceptance. While you might think that is a goal you achieve or arrive at and finish, it is one that is continual, and you accept more of yourself as you evolve. That statement is true for you and your world.

The message we provided on this date a year ago was designed to help you gain greater self-acceptance so that you will be better able to accept what we will discuss in our live conversation on your new moon.

March 8, 2023

Happiness and self-acceptance are the same. The only thing you are ever attempting to accomplish is the love of yourself and your life journey. You need to accept this concept during this significant change in your world.

We provided guidance on this date ten years ago, but today, you will accept and implement the idea into your life. 

March 8, 2013

Happiness is a decision you make. That thought continues to resonate for you because of the truth it holds. This concept is not to say that as you move through your physical life experiences, all of them will feel pleasurable. But it will help you to remember

that no matter what is occurring, it is always for your highest good. That highest good, then, is your expansion in some manner.

This idea also does not mean that you need to experience pain to gain some healing, but you will move through it much easier with the knowledge that it is all to help you evolve.

Your personal history will vividly demonstrate this. You have had many difficult experiences, but now, with distance from them, you can recognize their value and purpose. 

 – Wilhelm

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