You discover your perfection

February 18, 2024

You discover your perfection. Every soul is born perfect into the physical world, and you spend your life uncovering the perfection that is you and your connection to source or all that is. Every person moves through this process, but you decide when you will do so. 

Throughout civilization, you collectively move to greater awareness or higher states of consciousness through the physical life experiences you each live. You provide your gained guidance, wisdom, and knowledge to others who will follow you.

There is no way that is better than another, and you might call them self-development, self-actualization, or ascension. Still, they are all the same, for they are mental processes you utilize with your human mind to remember your inherent worth and value.

During times of great transition, as you are witnessing now, new philosophies are born to provide more of you with greater access and ease to those higher states of consciousness, which we have given you through our messenger.

You evolve in linear time, and we do not. When you study the message we provided a year ago on this date, you will take another step in your ascension journey, which has always been our intention. Your life goal is to discover your perfection and love who you have become. 

February 18, 2023

Don’t give up now. We wanted to capture your attention today, for things might have seemed difficult in your life and world, and you might be tempted to think that things are falling apart, but we have attempted to tell you they are coming together. But they will only do so when you acknowledge and accept who you are and what you came to the world to offer.

The restructuring of your life and world is generational, so you would be moving through previous limitations of several lifetimes, which you decided to take on to heal on your journey now and aid the planetary ascension. 

You each carry doubt about your importance, or you might think you have previously tried everything in your life to reach a place of achievement. You were awakening your inherent abilities during those times, but now is when you want to succeed by adding your light and love to yourself and the world.

– Wilhelm

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