Self-discovery changes everything

February 17, 2024

Self-discovery changes everything. It will change your physical life experience and will cause you to love yourself and heal your generational trauma. It will allow you to discover the person you were meant to become and your significance in manifesting the life you desire and the world you want. As we have said, they are the same, and we provided a guide to accomplish both.

We use different years to impress upon you the ascension process so you might not hold self-regret but gain self-awareness.

February 17, 2023

You were born to offer something new. There would be no other reason for your birth, and you decided to do so at a time that would serve your evolutionary process and world.

Everything we have given you was to encourage you to embrace your uniqueness, which was the God-given mission you were meant to fulfill. But there has been one difficulty you all have carried, including Roger, and that is comparison. Now is when you meant to change, and we gave you help on this date ten years ago, but you might hear it now. 

February 17, 2013

One of the biggest, if not the only, problems you have had in your physical life experience is the use of comparison. You have become so accustomed to using this process that, most times, you are not aware you are doing it, and it halts your expansion or evolution.

You can pay attention to it by noticing how much you use the word should. You are not becoming you when you use that word to mean something you should or should not be or do.

This process becomes a balancing act if you will. You will always observe others, but the point is to see what you might gain from them rather than making yourself less.  

– Wilhelm

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