Everything is going well

January 21, 2024

Everything is going well. You wanted to evolve and expand and aid in the planetary ascension. Still, the only thing you didn’t understand or accept entirely was the importance of your life experiences and how they might add to not only your evolution but that of all that is.

The message we provided four years ago is what we would like you to absorb today, which will align nicely with our live conversation on your full moon, which will offer another grand opportunity for your ascension. 

January 21, 2020

 Every experience of your life is for good. We are using subjective words in this message for your human understanding. 

Nothing is inherently good or bad, but you do feel that way about any experience. The feeling you choose to adopt about an experience you are having will manifest the results of your thoughts. We loved that sentence a lot, and you would do well to study it again. 

Yesterday, Roger was working with a client who demonstrated your difficulty. While they wanted to believe that their life was going in the right direction, they were pleading for evidence to validate that fact. You all do this on some level, which is why you find value in the continual development of faith. 

As we have also said, your experiences are unique and always designed to provide that good in your life when you understand them. Roger had an emotionally challenging experience, but at the same time, he recognized he was having the experience, so he would know how to move through it because he wanted to share that with others. So, his bad experience was ultimately good. Contemplate. 


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