Self-love and success are still the same

January 20, 2024

Self-love and success are still the same. We have given previous messages with that theme, but the one we provided on this date a year ago will serve you and your world today.

You have taken a new step, and self-acceptance will provide you with everything you have desired and fulfill your mission during this restructuring.

January 20, 2023

Evolution occurs in consciousness. That might be a shocking statement to some, but it is what we attempted to tell you and inform you of your importance in the world now during its restructuring or your planetary ascension.

You are not in physical form forever, but you are eternally alive. But when you come into an incarnation, it is for the express purpose of expanding your soul, which is how you contribute to evolution.

You have difficulty accepting your unique contribution at times, which is why we have used Roger to bring you our information, but all of you, including him, might take time to accept the gift you came to offer.

January 20, 2012

It is not necessarily that you are uncomfortable with what you would consider to be success; it is that you have become comfortable with what you would term failure. In actuality, failure never occurs. However, the effects can be felt in your physical life experience when you think you have failed at something.

You would do well to shift your focus to look for what you have gained from every event and circumstance of your life, for it is there. You create your own personal reality by who you think you are. If you think you are a person who fails, that will be your physical reality, and if you think you are a person who always succeeds in some way, that will be your experience and reality.

 – Wilhelm

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