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January 9, 2024

You could use a boost today. We felt the collective energy of your world and thought it might arouse more fear and doubt. But we were ahead of you and began providing messages on this date in 2020 when many erroneously believed your pandemic was disrupting you. We assure you it was for your highest good, and you have never been alone.

We also had our messenger unveil another session he cleverly hid from himself and you as you have hidden some of your gifts and talents. More will come to light during our live conversation on your new moon. Today is preparation. We will never allow you to forget your importance.

January 9, 2020

You find yourself gradually and continually. This message is one of those messages we are thrilled to give you. As we discussed yesterday, Roger made great strides in creating his website. Now, this is not about the mere act of fashioning some physical object, but it is him fashioning himself. We are using those words intentionally.

At a certain point last night, he found himself somewhat stuck as he kept questioning what he was including, or more appropriately, what he should include. Roger knew he wanted to express his authenticity but also judged it.

This morning, we led him to a video discussion of several people he admires, discussing much of our information to the point where Roger could not ignore what he was hearing. Then we told him no one has a monopoly on truth. Roger thought that sounded familiar; then, we told him to search our words. There could be no better ending to this message than to post that message here. You each will know you received the intended meaning when you feel liberated, as Roger does now. Also, notice the date.

December 24, 2016

You are continually in the process of questioning your reality. This process is not necessarily a “bad” thing as it sometimes feels to you. First, you must remember that no soul living in your world monopolizes truth because they create their own truth and, therefore, reality based on the beliefs and thoughts they choose to hold. You do precisely the same thing.

The difficulty for you sometimes is you hear the opinions of others or their perceived truth and reality and then make yours “wrong” in some way, and then you begin to doubt your truth. The value of questioning your reality while hearing the opinions of others is to finally come to know and own your truth and, therefore, reality. Please do that now.

January 9, 2021

Eventually, you come to understand why you were born. While we have spoken about your current restructuring before, we have another story that may provide you with further context.

Several days ago, Roger received an email asking if he had heard a voice message this person left, which he had not. Then Roger attempted to return the call but had to leave a message. When the person returned the call, and the two of them had a conversation, Roger was struck with another memory that reminded him of why he was born.

In 1978, Roger moved from Chicago to New York City. At the time, he left his business and some thirty-five employees. In particular, Roger’s attention was held by one person because they were experiencing mental challenges, and Roger had always been supportive. Soon after Roger arrived in New York, he heard the news the person jumped off an apartment building to his death.

The person, fortunately, left a note detailing the reason for their departure. Even with the letter, Roger has carried false guilt that maybe he could have done more, but that was not the reason for the experience, and it only made sense yesterday.

The person who called was ready to commit suicide. Roger did not fear this due to his prior experience, which revealed its purpose now. By the end of the conversation and after all the tears, the person ended up with more clarity and peace and sent Roger an email to that effect.

As you move through the next several months of your life, you will be called upon to remember why you were born and what you wanted to achieve. For each person, it will be moving through some previous limitations. For Roger, yesterday’s experience revealed that the purpose of the program we created is being revealed now, as your reason will be shown.

You will move beyond some limitations, for that is the only reason any of you were born. This period will be challenging, but it will be worth it. It is the one you wanted, and you will be fine.

January 9, 2022

Your greatest fear has been becoming yourself. With the current conditions of your world and the restructuring you are undergoing, you will experience new aspects of yourself that you feared. You feared them because they moved you to some unknown place, and your attachment to certainty has held back your evolution.

Please understand that we collectively speak to you, the individual, and the world. You each come into the world to contribute to expansion or evolution, but you only achieve that goal by becoming yourself. But often, you have not given yourself the freedom to do so due to fear of judgment from others or somehow not fitting in the established norms. You never intended to do that.

Your religions have controlled some of you, and you failed to notice. We had a lively conversation yesterday, and many found value. Roger decided to send the recording to all on his list as he knew it might spark conversation and that it indeed did. He also knew that was his biggest fear. For his delivery of us was what has held him back. One person felt that our information might be evil somehow as it was not the same as their idea of God.

The restructuring of your world asks each of you to examine that issue. You have used your ideas of God and religion as either a means of creating control and division or for healing and transformation, and you get to decide. When you need others to believe what you believe before you believe it yourself, you discover the real reason for your life not moving forward as you desired. Study this a bit more; the illumination will emerge, and you all will be fine.

January 9, 2022

You were born to change the world. If that were not true, there would be no other reason for your existence on your planet. You will not do this alone, for you knew this would be a cooperative movement in your world now. The way that you help change the world is by becoming yourself.

You may not have thought that action would not be as critical to your world as it could be, but we will tell you it is. Your world is moving through a restructuring. And as we have also said, we guided you in 2012 and have used synchronicity so you could believe in yourself more. We also wanted you to move beyond your fear and doubt, for generational limitations will not serve the world and dimension you sought to manifest.

Roger said that he was not happy with his presentation the other day. The reason for that is it dawned on him he was given something that could help change the world, but he attempted to use outside sources to prove his point.

You have done that, but now it is time to believe in your contribution. Everything you need to change your life and world is within you; we merely gave you a tool to discover that yourself.

January 9, 2012

The only limitation you ever experience is in your thinking. While this concept is familiar to you, it is one you would do well to remember. Anything you desire to be, do, have, or create is only possible if you believe it is.

You may argue that there are certain physical limitations that you may have that would prevent that, but you have seen numerous accounts of other souls who did not believe that to be true and performed what you

considered to be impossible.

The only reason you do not accomplish what you set out to do is that you are unwilling to do whatever that might involve or that particular path is not for your highest good in this lifetime.

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