Your life changes when you can move beyond fear

January 10, 2024

Your life changes when you can move beyond fear. We are restating a message and title we provided four years ago that you will understand today, and it is also the reason for our live conversation tomorrow.

January 10, 2020

How to move beyond fear and the day your life changes. For many of you who choose to extrapolate your truth from this message, that sentence and title will be your experience.

We will give you the story. The sequential order of events is purposeful. Yesterday, while having lunch, Roger flipped on his television to watch a recording from a while ago, which contained Oprah. Roger didn’t know why he had waited so long, but when he watched it, he did. 

Roger had just finished a meeting with several other coaches he would be working with. Roger expressed his continual reluctance and fear of embracing and revealing himself. This fear included the mention of us or his guidance. Then Roger happened to notice the television show of Mel Robbins, who he has admired and we have mentioned. Mel was doing what Roger wanted, but Roger thought this type of thing could not be brought to television or the public, but now he was witnessing both Oprah and Mel doing so. 

Then Roger fell asleep with his television on. When we awakened him in the middle of the night, there was a talk show playing of someone Roger also had judged and didn’t understand why they had a television show. He noticed this host was doing what he wanted, but his lack of belief in himself didn’t even allow him to view the show previously. Gabby Bernstein, who we have also mentioned, was also in the show. Again, Gabby said everything Roger was afraid to say, and she was living a glorious life. 

Then, this morning, when Roger went to his computer, a video of Lisa Nichols was staring at him. Yes, you guessed it; we have mentioned her. Again, Roger saw someone saying what he wouldn’t say, but she owned every word and played something from Dr. Martin Luther King, who, surprisingly, we also mentioned. None of this was accidental, and you reading this isn’t accidental either. 

We know this was long, but it could have been much longer as we bombarded Roger with information. We did so because we didn’t want this information, or this day, to be lost on him or any of you. You’re welcome. 


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