Caution is always overrated

January 8, 2024

Caution is always overrated. You might believe you need to be cautious with everything you do while concealing the fact that you are acting in this manner to avoid some calamity, and for most of you, that is your physical death, which only happens in this dimension.

The message we provided four years ago will aid you on your ascension journey now. 

January 8, 2020

Please throw caution to the wind again. If you decide to follow our guidance, some of you will gain clarity and a sense of empowerment in your lives. 

This morning, we told Roger to look up the word caution in our writings. The beauty of the website, which seemed magical to Roger, is that when you search a word, you will find related messages organized so that it would be difficult to miss the wisdom they were intended to impart. 

Of course, we have a story. First, we must point out that Roger receives criticism from those close to him about why he would bear his soul for the public. The reason is when you are willing to explore and express your seeming failings; they no longer hold power over you, and the process of sharing aids all others. 

Roger wondered why he couldn’t complete tasks in front of him, which he knew he wanted to do, which felt important to him. Roger even wrote a book discussing how he came to understand he was stifled in his life due to what others may think of him, and he could trace this behavior to his family origins. The mere intellectual understanding does not necessarily change behavior. Actively doing something will. 

Some of you may follow the link to the string of messages, and if you do and find value, please tell Roger. But regardless, Roger will perform the task, and his benefits will be realized. We loved this one. 

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