Your contribution is enormous

January 1, 2024

Your contribution is enormous. That contribution will be who you decide to become, and hopefully, it will be your authentic self, for that is why you were born, especially during this time of restructuring.

The message we provided on this date a year ago will resonate more today, as will the recording we created for you. 

January 1, 2023

Your contribution will be enormous. You exist in the world during the great transition, which means you have something to offer. It has existed within your evolutionary journey, but if you choose to provide your gift now, your life will evolve exponentially and affect your world’s trajectory.

Your contribution now will be what you have lived and give back to others, which is evolution. But you also must become willing to own who you are, which is the element most of you have difficulty accepting, including Roger. We will use him as an example.

None of you know beforehand how your life paths will unfold. But once you discover what you’ve accomplished, you must give that to others. It is challenging to achieve that goal if you never own the fruits of your life’s labor.

Last night, one of our program members submitted an assignment that exemplified our intention, and we wanted it to occur for you all quicker as your world is moving quickly. After two weeks, this person wrote something that Roger can no longer ignore, and you have something to bring forth that you will no longer ignore if you intend your life contribution to make the impact it could.

“I am grateful that I have found this course and have worked on it somewhat consistently and am doing it to better myself. I am grateful for my experiences that I thought to be bad as they have been something I can learn from. I am grateful for my newfound awareness around some of my thought patterns and behaviors that I am now able to exert more control over. I have been focusing more on changing my mindset and how I see my world to be more accurate in a way that is beneficial to myself and those around me so that I can live the life I was meant to.” 

– Wilhelm

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