You can start again

January 2, 2024

You can start again. We provided a message on this date four years ago that will resonate today. And we gave you a live conversation two years ago, which will aid you today.

January 2, 2020

Today is a new day. Last night, we told Roger we would step things up a bit to coincide with the energy of your new year. Roger did not want this as he knew it would require him to make some changes, and that is what he and most of you fear most. 

We will now start with resistance. We have spoken of it often, and it has become a popular concept in your “new age” culture. We bring it up because Roger has been a master of it. Resistance, as we define it, is when you are given guidance or direction as to what you might do in your life, and you don’t do it. Also, the irony is it is usually those things you enjoy. It is as simple as that. 

You may create reasons for using resistance, but none are valid. Roger can now pinpoint places in his life where he resisted all the information coming to him, and every time he did it, a physical ailment would manifest. You would have thought he would have changed, but again, like many of you, he felt safer in the known experience even though it was horribly uncomfortable. 

We gave Roger something so long ago, which he has incorporated into his teachings. Yet recently, he “discovered” the scientific evidence of neuroplasticity. Roger thought this was new, but we gave him practice, patience, and persistence. That is how you move beyond resistance, which is the effective use of neuroplasticity. You must practice the new behavior you desire to realize and be persistent because you fear change!

The point of this rant, which we may do more of, is to alert you all to the fact that you and only you are holding back your lives from what you could be experiencing. Take it from Roger. 


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