You are only ever angry at yourself

December 7, 2023

You are only ever angry at yourself. While that statement might feel somewhat oppressive to you, it is one of the most valuable concepts you could choose to accept now.

We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring in your world to manifest a new world. You must do your part by overcoming your anger, recognizing your inherent worth, and loving every aspect of yourself.

Our message on this date in 2012 will aid you and your planet today and your upcoming new moon when we reveal more. Please absorb the following message today. 

 December 7, 2012

 When you become angry enough, you will decide to regain control of and guide your own physical life experience. While you may think that you should not experience anger if you are genuinely seeking to be a spiritual being, you have chosen to live a physical experience using all your human emotions to expand. 

All of your emotions have meaning and purpose when you decide to use them toward that goal of expansion. You are never angry at another person, situation, or circumstance but at yourself for failing to find and make the changes to alleviate that anger experience. When you decide to do that, you truly expand and guide your life.  


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