Your life was not accidental

December 6, 2023

Your life was not accidental. Every soul comes to the physical plane with an evolutionary journey unique to them. Your journey was necessary; you intended to be in the world now. We provided reminders, and we did so on this date in 2020, for we knew it would aid you and your world now. 

December 6, 2020

Self-discovery can be frightening. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world and, therefore, within you. So, indeed, that is self-discovery. There was no other reason you wanted to be born than that one. You are witnessing more of that now in your unique way due to your current living conditions and that of the world. None of it is accidental and was meant to occur for you now.

We have given Roger messages for decades that revealed what you each are up to, and you decided that now would be the best time to accomplish your goal. We will not belabor the point today, for all we want you to ponder, hold, and attempt to believe the following message about yourself. And when you examine your life now, you will witness the manifestation of these words. And you will be fine. 

September 25, 2013

The biggest irony you discover during your physical life experience is that the key to the expansion you seek is being you, and the fear you hold is being you. Your awareness of this irony also allows you to resolve it.

You will notice that whenever you hesitate to do something that you know you desire to do that will further your expansion, you decide to wait. That very waiting period is when you have allowed your life to be controlled by that fear. 

Now, you will also understand that the fear is not because of who you are but what you think others will think of you. When you study this entire concept, you will find it difficult to see any exceptions to this.


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