There is only one truth

December 8, 2023

There is only one truth. While you may think there are several, especially during this time in your life and world, we assure you there is one. We have referred to it as ultimate truth, which is found in ultimate reality, which is what you each wish to experience.

You always come to know this place when you leave physical form, as many of you have heard from those who have had near-death experiences as you view them. There is never any judgment, hatred, or nonacceptance, only love. But you could experience that place now, which was the guidance we provided during your global restructuring. 

Please absorb the message we provided in 2012, and you aid your ascension now.

December 8, 2012

Your truth is always correct. Many subjective words will be used here so that you better grasp the meaning behind the message. Your personal truth is merely a collection of ideas and beliefs you have come to accept at this place in your life. There is no correct or wrong truth in human experience, but just what you hold as that truth. 

It becomes essential for you to express that truth, for it will cause you to ask more questions, receive opinions from others, and compare your truth to others. This entire process is what ultimately causes your spiritual expansion. Eventually, you come to know that your truth and that of others are correct because they cause the evolution of the whole or mass consciousness. 


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