Evolution is continuous

December 3, 2023

Evolution is continuous. We are making that statement so that more of you will let go of your self-judgment, particularly the portions of yourself you have recently accessed. We provided a message on this date a year ago. 

December 3, 2022

You could not have known before, but you do now. This message will be lengthy and worth it. We are speaking of your physical life experience. When you come into the world, you have no idea who you will or could become, and you figure that out as you have your life experiences. 

You also choose the time you enter the world, and we recognize that concept is difficult for many to accept, but if you attempt, you might better understand your life and the world now. 

Every soul is given something to bring to your world, and it is up to you to harness it when it begins to emerge, and most times, it is triggered by your personal events and those in your world. We have said you were moving through a restructuring, and we provided information in 2012 that would aid you all. 

In hindsight, you typically understand yourself, your life, and the world, so you find value and meaning in your personal history and that of your world. Your job is to interpret them all so you can live an extraordinary life, which is the goal of everything we have given you.

We decided to give you more today as more of you would do well to claim who you are now, which will also aid your world. We gave you a message on this date a year ago titled “None of You Know For Sure.” 

Here is that message. 

December 3, 2021

None of you know for sure. Today, we speak to the collective you, and then we’ll return to you, the individual. As we have said for decades, you will find great value in not knowing, for it leaves you open and receptive to new information. The purpose of the current restructuring of your world was for you to evolve, but many of you have accepted that you know something for sure and, therefore, find it challenging to accept another point of view.

When you come into the world, you must learn your way around and rely on the wisdom gained by those who came before. But at times like now in your world, you have forgotten your path and purpose. Every lifetime you have lived was for your evolvement, which would then become manifest in your world. But many of you do not believe that statement, so you assume roles of thinking that you know everything and your evolvement ceases, and then you collectively find your world in its current state.

We have always said that we do not know what will occur because the world that you, the individual, want to see will only manifest if you do something. Now, we are at the place where we are speaking to you, the individual, and we will explain even more tomorrow in our live conversation. You had specific goals you wanted to achieve in your life, but you might have allowed the belief that others somehow know more than you control and direct your life, so therefore, they must be right.

You are the one who must be right, and the one you will be right for is yourself. You are here now because you wanted to believe in yourself. You wanted to move beyond your fear and lack of confidence. You wanted to experience love in all its states. You wanted joy and happiness, and we have told you that you would achieve those when you allow yourself to become authentic, and part of that will be not knowing and simultaneously experiencing peace. That was your only goal, and as we also said, we have given you the tools through the work we delivered through Roger, and we will begin offering them next week. 

When you focus on coming to know what is right for you, you will recognize everything you desire to achieve in this life, and you will be fine. 

 – Wilhelm

Here’s the recording from two years ago. 
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