The light wins

December 2, 2023

The light wins. While there is no winning and losing in physical life experience, it is a terminology humans use to either measure themselves or others. The only actual battle is within you and whether or not you choose to remember the light or your connection to all that is. Once you remember, you will inspire others to do the same.

As you view your life and world on this day, we would like you to contemplate the message we provided a year ago on this date. 

December 2, 2022

We used Carl Jung for a reason. We refer to the work we provided to aid you as you move through this planetary ascension, which we called your restructuring.

You each are born with a purpose to fulfill, and it is before you now, so we decided to make today’s message somewhat different to encourage more of you to accept the gift you were given that is within you awaiting your fulfillment.

That gift is of who you are, what you have lived, and what you discovered about your world that would aid others, for that is how evolution occurs, and you are an integral part.

In 2012, we gave you a message about Infinite Intelligence on January 1, for we wanted to implant the idea that you have access to all existing wisdom and knowledge. It would be helpful to allow yourselves to stretch your imagination a bit more to believe you can access that information. Still, it requires your continued effort in your expansion, and we assisted you.

December 2, 2012

Resolve is something you always possess; you never have to fight to get it and only need to allow it to come to you. You might think of resolve as the grit and energy to accomplish, do, or be anything in your physical life experience. 

You will always underestimate your abilities while in physical form, as you will underestimate the amount of resolve you might have. It is essential to allow it to come to you because when you think you must try and find or manufacture it, you also affirm and acknowledge that you do not have it and then create that personal reality.

When you think of resolve, let peace come over you, and it will be there.  

 – Wilhelm

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