Everything is possible

December 4, 2023

Everything is possible. When you come to the physical plane, you do so with something you want to accomplish that would add to your evolution and that of your world. You will inevitably encounter what you believe are obstacles or what you cannot achieve. 

We assure you that whatever shows up for you is possible, and you can reach the next level of who you want to become, which is the purpose of your current restructuring. We provided guidance on this date in 2012, for there would never be a better time for you and your world to embrace it than now. 

December 4, 2012

You live in a limitless Universe, and anything is possible. The difficulty that you have is deciding what is possible for you. In other words, as you move through your physical life experience, you begin to observe certain limitations and then begin to believe they are true and create that experience in your own life. 

You would do well then to imagine what you truly desire without placing those limitations on your desires and then go about creating or becoming whatever that is, knowing that what is for your highest good will manifest. Your intention when you came into physical form was always to expand. Expansion and limitation cannot be held together. 


Here’s the recording from two years ago. 
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