Evolution and ascension are not the same

December 1, 2023

Evolution and ascension are not the same. We provided a message on this date three years ago where we warned you that evolution was not meant to be quick. But ascension fuels all evolution, which all souls will not choose. 

As we have mentioned, your responsibility is to choose ascension or moving closer to the light, which only occurs when you decide to love yourself. You accomplish that goal by moving through your generational limitations and restrictions, which would have said to you that you were not enough or are more than another, both false premises.

When you remember your connection to all that is, you give that awareness to others and further your evolution and planetary ascension. We will repeat a portion of our message, which will make more sense today as you view your life and world. Now you can choose ascension.

December 1, 2020

Evolution was never meant to be quick. We are giving Roger a lot of confusing information, just as many of you may be experiencing your lives now, but we told him to type. 

As we have said continually to remind you of the reason for the current events in your world, you are moving through a massive restructuring. It is again occurring within you. Each moment of your existence allows you to expand and become more, but most of you do not believe that is possible, especially within yourselves. Coupling that with your constant fear of the unknown, you can visualize the dilemma in which you have existed throughout eternity. 

In the coming days in your world, you will witness groups of people unwilling to change and accept the new opportunities provided to them, but the only question you will have is if you will be one of them. All that matters is what you choose to do in your evolution.


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