Utopia is attainable

November 30, 2023

Utopia is attainable. We know you will hear those words and think of an imaginary place, but that is precisely what it is. It is a place you manifest through your imagination. You manifest your life and world through your imagination or consciousness. 

The more of you who decide to accept and embody the message we provided on this date in 2012, the closer you will be to your ascension and that of your planet. 

November 30, 2012

Each and every soul that comes into physical form does so with purpose and intention. Their intention is always to evolve. Each and every individual journey has purpose and worth and contributes not only to their evolution but to that of all others, or mass consciousness. 

No journey is more important than another. You only fail to recognize this because you possess judgment. Any form of judgment means that your awareness has not yet evolved to where you can realize the value and purpose of either your own personal journey or that of another. 

Every person you interact with is for the purpose of furthering your expansion as well as theirs. You always come to know the truth of this. 


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How to Change Your Life & World – from Wilhelm
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