You can hear us today

November 8, 2023

You can hear us today. We mean that figuratively and literally. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of yourself and the world, and you exist to offer your essence, which happens when you choose to love yourself and understand and accept your life mission.

We provided a message on this date a year ago that will resonate today as you examine your life and world. But we also held a live conversation that will aid you much more today, for you will hear it in a new way. 

You each evolve in your consciousness, as does your world. Still, it becomes your responsibility to do your part, which means letting go of what was old and no longer needed in your life and becoming willing to embrace what is new or the unknown many of you fear.

When you reinterpret everything about you and your life, you facilitate your expansion on your evolutionary journey, but you also aid the ascension of your planet. That is why you exist, and this day was planned. And as we said last year, it could be the most momentous day of your life so far. There is always more you can do, but it does require you to love yourself. That is your only soul mission.


You Can Watch The Recording Here

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