Please choose your new self

November 9, 2023

Please choose your new self. Every soul is born onto the physical plane with a unique blueprint to follow that causes them to evolve and contribute to the evolution of your world.

You have that plan; it is within you and has little to do with your past, what you did not do, or mistakes you believe you might have made. What you choose to do now matters, and we want you to accept and love your new self.

That is the guidance we have provided because you exist at an extraordinary time on your planet, and your essence was needed. The main point we wanted you to accept is your importance, and you do so over time, but we are not limited by linear time, and that concept is challenging for you all.

But if you absorb a portion of what we gave you three years ago, you will aid your evolution and the ascension of your planet. It only requires your self-belief.

November 9, 2020

Now, you can become more of yourself. No matter who you are, you are currently in a phase of your life that you want to experience so that you might evolve. We know you may look at your world now and find it difficult to believe, but this message might make sense if you pretend to believe us.

The “intuition” Roger has heard but never trusted until now is this. We are stating his role to help you find yours. Roger always felt that he was to study the world conditions or this dimension, interpret that in a metaphysical manner that can help explain evolution, and then give that back to the world in simple explanations that help others experience greater empowerment in their lives. 

The restructuring the world is experiencing occurs through you and will happen much quicker the sooner you accept your unique role in this life. In the beginning, we said you would become more of yourself to indicate it is a process and one you at times resist, as does the world, which again, we urge you to be patient with yourself and thus the world. You will be fine. 


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