We never wanted you to be afraid

November 7, 2023

We never wanted you to be afraid. That was why we provided the following message on this date in 2012. You are moving through a global restructuring of you and your world. 

How you manifest unity in your life and world is by how much you love yourself and decide to move beyond your past and create the future life and world you want. You have everything you need. 

November 7, 2012

Conflict and unity always coexist in physical life experience and are necessary for expansion and evolvement. This is true in your personal experience as well as your world at large.

You cannot know unity within yourself without having experienced the questions that conflict brings to your awareness. You spend your entire physical life experience coming to know who you are, which can only occur with the contrast that conflict offers you.

The end result, then, is always a period of unity. When you have sufficiently answered those questions about who you are, you experience unity, and through unity, you generate more energy and awareness to expand and evolve. This is true for you and your world.


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