You will discover the value of forgiveness today

November 3, 2023

You will discover the value of forgiveness today. As the restructuring of your life and world pulses forward, you will readily accept the message we provided three years ago on this date.

November 3, 2020

Forgiveness is a quicker way to evolution. We awakened Roger to that thought this morning with a bit of a feeling of forewarning but more of a tool that will ease your way. You and your world are moving through a massive restructuring, but you may, at times, forget why you are doing so.

Here’s the part of the message Roger wasn’t sure he could interpret, but he, like you, is being moved to discover and utilize more of your innate abilities. 

You have moved through periods of this nature throughout civilization, and each time you do, you evolve more. How that occurs is that each person is born with different and unique ideas and views designed to aid them on their journey of evolution, meaning you. As that happens, the collective energy of the whole creates the world in which you live.

You are creating that world now, and it begins within each of you. As you embark on that internal journey, you will discover aspects of yourself you have denied, hidden, or abilities and skills you never believed you had. As you make those discoveries, you may begin to judge yourself or blame others for your state of being, and both of those actions hold back your progress.

You are all one, and as you discover your ignorance of who you could be, forgive yourself first. You will then grant the same to others, and you have accelerated evolution. 


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