Self-love was your goal

November 2, 2023

Self-love was your goal. Every soul is born onto the physical plane to live a purposeful life experience, and you do so at a time that will serve your evolution and that of your world. As you move through your life, you will choose how much you decide to love yourself, and that can only happen when you release self-judgment, which you and your world are doing now.

We have said you were moving through a restructuring, and the more of you who remember your connection to the universe, the more you will experience the upliftment of your life and planet.

We also said we gave you messages on your birthdays in 2012, and our messenger was no exception, as today is his. None of you remember your soul missions, for they must unfold utilizing your linear time. However, when you view his message and view your life and world, you will better understand your life now and how, collectively, you all move to the love of yourselves.

November 2, 2012

Your birthday is a day you set aside each year to remember why you decided to have a physical life experience. As you move through your life, you experience all manner of events and circumstances, some of which are happy and pleasurable and others that you consider challenging. The goal and purpose of all of them, however, is to have experience of love.

You often think you are striving to achieve success or accomplishment in some way, but the true goal is the experience of love. You experience it in many ways, including emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The result of the experience itself is expansion. You always come to fully know and own this when you have decided to leave physical form.


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