You can change your life and world

November 4, 2023

You can change your life and world. It is you, and it is not whether or not you can accomplish those tasks but your willingness to do so. 

We gave you a message on this date a year ago, and we held a live conversation two years ago. As you put them together, you will gain a greater understanding of you, your evolution, and that of your world. We wanted you to love yourself so you could manifest your new life and world. 

November 4, 2022 

We told you how to heal your life and world. It took quite a while before Roger would write those words because he, like many of you, has denied the gifts he came to give your world at this time of restructuring as you might have done.

You each are born with something to bring to your world, but often, you judge what that might be and, therefore, judge yourselves and then attempt to find relief by blaming others for your life and world conditions. No one is given more power than another, and understanding that sentence is part of your journey to oneness.

The challenge for all is accepting your essentialness in forming your world. Your world has moved into a new, energetic place, and you each will view things differently, as you intended. You cannot evolve without contrast. 

However, there is also an ultimate truth you are attempting to reach, and as unbelievable as it might be, what you were given at birth could make a difference if you become your authentic self.

November 4, 2012

A grudge is any attitude, thought, or feeling that you carry which prevents you from continuing your own expansion. You may argue that your particular grudge is justified, only directed at another, and serves some emotional release. But it only demonstrates that you have yet to know the purpose and meaning of the event or person where your grudge is directed.

When you fully accept that all circumstances, events, and people that come into your life experience are to help you expand in some manner, you never have a need or reason for the grudge itself. Understanding this process lets you let go of a weight that only holds you down.

 – Wilhelm

The Session:
Wilhelm’s Hidden Secrets for a New Life Unveiled, Channeled November 4, 2021
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