All wars are within you

November 1, 2023

All wars are within you. It may appear to you at times that the wars you experience in your life or world are occurring from outside sources; they are happening within you.

You each come to the physical plane with a unique life plan that, if followed, would allow you to live extraordinary lives. However, you also carry memories of this lifetime or others, and you begin to believe you were not enough.

When you decide to love yourself and remember your worth and value, you end the war within yourself and add to the restructuring of your world, which is occurring now.

Everything we have given you was to aid you in your ascension, and we have done so years ago. It may take time for you to accept your importance, but that is the process of evolution. 

We began guiding you in 2012, and you might hear us now. 

November 1, 2012

You can indeed have all of it. That statement is meant to inform you of how often you set up certain limitations in your physical life experience. You learned many of those limitations, or limited thinking, at a very early age because certain things were withheld from you, and you then began to accept that as your reality, which you then went about creating over and over.

While you might say there is a limited amount of time that you have to do, be, or accomplish certain things, you will notice that you have not focused on specific things because they are not your priority. 

You see all around you others who accomplish many things, and you will do the same once they become your priority.


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