You can love yourself more

October 26, 2023

You can love yourself more. We are answering the question many of you have today, but we also gave you the solution three years ago. We love using your linear time to enable you to break your limited awareness of what you might accomplish in your life and world.

October 26, 2020

You have already won. We know those words may sound a bit crazy as you examine your world, but that belief is the one that has held you back in your life as it has Roger. Yes, we will explain.

We have continually spoken of your global and individual restructuring. Every time we do, Roger hesitates to receive and deliver the information, for he doesn’t believe us until he sees physical proof, as is typically required by most humans. It would be best to never judge yourself for operating in this manner, for it is the only way evolution occurs.

Yesterday, Roger saw more evidence of this when he observed a report on the election in the United States of 1876. While the political parties and positions were reversed, the issues you all struggled with were the same, and we also told you the result some time ago. 

You were born with pieces of yourself broken apart, and you spend your lifetime attempting to put them back together, and you do this by embracing all of them, meaning all of you. The result is you become more powerful, and each time you do this, you get better at it, and the effect of that is the world you see today. 

However, the world you want is what you have already created, and now it will take time to manifest as you operate in linear time. We do not. We can see the result of your work, but it only takes time for you to acknowledge and accept this individually. Each one of you is doing this now. 

You will finally come to understand what was meant by the meek shall inherit the earth. You will be fine. 


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