You can choose love now

October 27, 2023

You can choose love now. When you do, you are choosing yourself. When you come to the physical plane, you have choices of how you might spend your life, and many times, you make choices based on what has previously existed in your society or how all those around you influenced you. 

When you operate in this manner, you deprive yourself of your inherent gifts, and you do not make the energetic contribution to your world that you intended.

When you review what we provided three years ago, you will be more motivated to choose love, which means yourself and you and your world evolve.

October 27, 2020

You thought you had to choose between money and love. That sentence reveals the source of the current difficulties in your world and most of the challenges you have experienced in your life. We have been sending Roger this information for some time, but it is only beginning to make sense to him, so he might offer it to you.

Roger began “mysteriously” studying the pandemics and natural disasters throughout civilization, the corresponding results of those events, and how they shaped the world you now know. Upon careful examination, Roger noted that humanity became more humane each time. Every instance required accepting some part of the existing society previously denigrated due to the belief that only so much power goes around. 

While you ponder that a bit regarding your world, we will apply it to you because you decided to be here now to reach the next level of your evolution. That is different for each person, but it does exist for everyone, and when everyone allows themselves to move to that next level in their lives, the world evolves, for you are an integral part. The part you did not accept is your importance in accomplishing this grand feat. 

We threw that sentence in, and it gave Roger pause because he knew the part we wanted him to include is that he and you have falsely believed you had to make that choice. When you discover no choice, you evolve, as does the world. You might also understand why we keep saying, “You will be fine.” 


Please join us! “The Full Moon will illuminate your magnificence – a Wilhelm conversation”

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