You create your world

October 25, 2023

You create your world. We mean the world you experience personally and the world you witness externally. We gave you a message three years ago on this date, and if more of you embody it, you will achieve your goal of self-love, your planet will benefit, and your life mission will be fulfilled. 

October 25, 2020

You can’t stay where you were. Yes, we are still speaking of your restructuring, and you will succeed in your process of evolvement. That is if you don’t resist what is being placed before you. Of course, we have a story, and those who choose to accept and understand it will ease your journey over the next several months.

Yesterday, Roger held a webinar for his singing program. While it felt great for Roger to offer it, it wasn’t as fulfilling as the webinar he had for his empowerment group. The reason that occurred, which Roger was unwilling to acknowledge, is Roger was attempting to keep himself where he was. Now, the title of the message will make sense to you all. You try to stay where you are, for it feels safe, but is it also not what you want.

Roger knows this is not new for him, and we have been screaming it to him for decades, but now, for him and you, the transition will be easier. Acknowledge you are allowing your fear of your future to prevent you from manifesting that future, but you will, as will your world.

We will leave you and Roger with a message, and the study of it will provide comfort for each of you, but please be patient with yourself and the world; look at how long we have tried to get Roger to pay attention. You will be fine.

January 22, 2015

Be prepared. Those two words comprise a slogan that resonates with you and many others, and this is because of the intrinsic truth it holds. When you are in the process of becoming prepared, it also means that you are vibrating on an energy wavelength that is in alignment with who you desire to be, what you choose to create, and what you want to accomplish. It also means you believe you will receive whatever that is.

The process of becoming prepared is also something that can only be accomplished in your moment of now, which also means that you are not sabotaging your journey by projecting your limiting beliefs into some imagined future. How it all gets done is none of your concern.

The more you study this, the more the pure logic within the concept will be revealed. The slogan, be prepared, easily leads you to the next one, which is “be all that you can be.”


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