You were right

October 24, 2023

You were right. We are answering a question we posed to you three years ago, but you might be more willing to answer it for yourself now. 

You came to the physical plane to evolve and offer your essence to your world during this time of restructuring, and when you believe you are right, you will accomplish your goal, and your planet will benefit.

This message is not meant to be an admonishment but an encouragement. 

October 24, 2020

You were not wrong. First, we must acknowledge our struggle with Roger because all our recent messages begin with the pronoun you and Roger thought it was redundant. We said no, we will continue to use it as none of you are through or fully accepting of the restructuring of your world and of you occurring now. 

We began this message with Roger last night, for he was consumed with self-judgment as he examined his life and found all the things he might have done wrong and numerous instances where we felt he had been taken advantage of or tarnished in some way. We said that is impossible, which is what we are saying to each of you. 

You are examining and questioning your lives due to the various conditions apparent now as your pandemic and the election in the prominent United States. 

It is challenging for you to recognize your importance in the world or the timing of when that importance might come through. But we will tell each of you and Roger that the timing is now. Last night, we kept telling Roger he had not done anything wrong, and he knew we have said that for decades, and we do so because he, like you, doesn’t believe us. 

Yesterday, Roger attended a meeting where he witnessed another thing we have said he did not believe fully. Women will be the most significant influence in your restructuring, for the balance needed to shift for evolution to continue is the embodiment and inclusion of the feminine energies within each of you. Roger saw those women at the meeting yesterday, so his trust in our words was strengthened.


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