Awakening is progressive

October 23, 2023

Awakening is progressive. You do it as you live your physical life experience, but for it to be effective in your life and world, you must also take action.

You will be far more inspired by the message we provided three years ago on this date. We love having you recognize your divine plan is always in motion. 

October 23, 2020

You have changed. We gave Roger an incredibly long title for this message, but we think those simple words will capture the attention of many, for it has occurred for all. 

We are speaking of the restructuring of your world being led by the United States and manifesting and being felt internally by you at this time. You each have been lying to yourselves to stay where you were and not evolve, which you cannot accomplish. But what you have done is resisted your restructuring.

There was a political debate in the United States last night, and the stark contrast has been embodied within you. The restructuring is causing each of you to own every aspect of you, individually and collectively, which cannot be accomplished through judgment. That is the definition of inclusion. When you notice how you have allowed yourself to believe lies you have told yourself, you may blame others when you were the one who withheld who you were and the power you hold.

We will not explain more of that at this time, but your feminine nature will shift the world’s balance, as we have said. You will nurture yourself more, which includes forgiving others who allowed you to see your truth. You will be fine. 


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