You might still fear success

October 22, 2023

Today, as you will understand, we decided to repeat one from three years ago. 

October 22, 2020

You fear success. Yes, we mean you, for you have cultivated a fear of the unknown, so you don’t want to change as that would leave you vulnerable to that unknown you have feared. Success is a subjective word, but you know what it means for you, and what it means for each soul is the experience of complete empowerment. You will not have that in this lifetime or any other, for you exist in a continual state of evolvement, as does your world. 

We are also still referring to the current restructuring of you, your world, and the United States. Please do not judge yourself when you discover the manner in which you have conducted your life, for it is a natural progression of evolution. Over the decades, we have given Roger many messages on success, and each one of them has led to this moment in time.

Yesterday, Roger had his brilliant webinar, as we predicted, because he was in his element and owned every moment of it. Roger then had a call with his family later, which went really well despite previous conflict fears. Still, Roger trusted his intuition and injected his natural benevolent self into the mix. 

However, during the call, Roger attempted to explain his new awareness and found it challenging at best because others don’t need to understand your journey for you to do so. And one of the ways Roger, and probably you, have held yourself back is by needing others to understand you.

Then Roger noticed another situation that he knew he had created by being overly generous in an attempt to cause himself to feel worthy. Many of you do that one until you decide enough is enough. You are collectively deciding you no longer want to devalue yourself, and you will succeed. We have spoken of this before, but it will make more sense now. 

Roger has held an “emotional memory” of a comment from his mother, which he turned into a way of avoiding success. The phrase he hears is, “Don’t be so selfish.” Roger later interpreted that to mean give everything away. He created an imbalance within himself that manifested in various forms yesterday.

The solution to this, to the healing of your world’s current conditions, is not to judge another but to decide to regain your power. The United States will lead this restructuring, but it will take time, as it will within you. But the good news now is you want to do so despite your fear of change. As you study this message over the next few days, more illumination will emerge. 


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